Tuesday April 16, 2024

An uplifting collection of poems

By Ibne Ahmad
March 02, 2024
This representational image shows multiple books along with poetry poster. — Unsplash
This representational image shows multiple books along with poetry poster. — Unsplash

The inspiring poems in the poetry collection Hayat-e-Roohani written by Mahnoor Zuberi share words of wisdom and remind readers of the Creator’s faithfulness, protection, and ultimately His love for each one of us. The poems address a wide range of topics from fear to forgiveness, to daily trials and more.

These poems provide courage for the challenges we all face. Whether facing an illness or coping with job loss, these heartfelt poems let readers know that our Creator is always present and provides healing and strength to each one of us.

The poet also shares how her faith in the Creator has helped him personally through loss and in dealing with hurtful people or situations. This heartwarming book of poetry will provide comfort and strength to many readers.

Hayat-e-Roohani is a beautiful compilation of faith-filled poems. Shared in a straightforward and heart-to-heart manner, these poems provide hope while addressing the many difficulties that occur in life. Readers will find poems that offer strength and solace during challenging times, as well as other poems that will spark joy in all of the Creator’s amazing ways.

The tone of this book imparts a sense of the Creator’s unwavering goodness and steadfast love for each of us. The poems contained in it provide rest and encouragement for weary souls. This book would make a wonderful gift for those going through significant changes or transitions in life or for those facing hardship. It is an inspiring read.

The book offers readers some deep insights through mesmerizing verses to help them on their path to self-discovery.

The poems encourage readers to stop investing in the status quo and bring change from within if they are seeking a different life.

This poetry collection guides readers to get rid of the excuses and distractions that stop them from achieving their dreams. It asks them to stop wasting time doing things that make them feel powerless, instead, dare to dream new dreams that bring purpose and meaning to their lives.