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Gems, minerals exhibition opens

By Our Correspondent
March 02, 2024
Centaurus Mall in Islamabad can be seen in this image. — Facebook/Aasim Rajput
Centaurus Mall in Islamabad can be seen in this image. — Facebook/Aasim Rajput

Islamabad: To connect gemstone sellers with buyers and introduce them to larger audiences, Centaurus Mall is hosting a three-day gems, minerals, and jewellery exhibition from March 1 to 3.

The exhibition showcases the beauty and splendour of gemstones from across Pakistan, offering raw, untreated gems and minerals suitable for collecting, crystal healing, home decor, and handmade finished jewellery not typically found in conventional jewellery stores. Attendees have the opportunity to meet master gem sellers offering precious and semi-precious stones such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds, aquamarine, moonstone, tourmaline, baltic amber, pearls, and many others. Additionally, the exhibition serves as a one-stop source for beads, findings, supplies, and a collection of crystal and mineral specimens suitable for museum displays or private collections.

The exhibition was inaugurated by Sardar Dr. Rashid Ilyas Khan (SVP Centaurus Group), Muhammad Farukh Alvi (CEO AA Mining Private Limited), Maq (Producer/Director Winsome Marketing and Production) along with senior management of The Centaurus. Addressing the audience at the exhibition, Sardar Dr. Rashid Ilyas Khan emphasised the significant potential and value of Pakistan’s gemstone industry in the global market. He noted that as of 2024, the global gemstone market is valued at $32.38 billion and is projected to reach $55.96 billion by 2033. Pakistan ranks fifth in terms of gemstone deposits worldwide, boasting top-quality precious stones such as emerald, ruby, sapphire, and topaz. He further highlighted that Pakistan’s gemstone industry has the capacity to export large quantities of various gemstones annually. However, despite its potential, the industry faces challenges such as unskilled mining methods leading to damage of precious stones and underutilisation of modern technology. Pakistan’s gemstone sector is rich in resources but lacks branding and marketing strategies to compete effectively in international markets.

Sardar Dr. Rashid Ilyas Khan urged that the country’s gemstone industry could benefit from government support through accurate geological surveys, infrastructure development, regulatory reforms, tax incentives, and collaboration with international bodies to promote exports.