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Exhibitions at Nasser Bagh

By Our Correspondent
March 02, 2024
Imran Qureshis captivating exhibition ‘The Home’ at Como Museum of Art— Facebook/InkedBhattis
Imran Qureshi's captivating exhibition ‘The Home’ at Como Museum of Art— Facebook/InkedBhattis

LAHORE:Nasser Bagh, these days showing twin exhibitions ‘Home and ‘The Garden’ at COMO Museum to attract a large number of art lovers. These solo exhibitions are the creation of Imran Qureshi, a Sitara-e-Imtiaz winning acclaimed artist.

Indeed, both exhibitions thematically blend elements of Lahore's cultural heritage while simultaneously addressing current global issues. With ‘Home’, Qureshi examined the idea of a home and set out to reimagine the house space of COMO Museum, which was originally designed as a residence in the 1980s.

The double-storied space is utilised in such a way that the viewing experience changes as the viewer moves through different levels of the museum. The journey of Qureshi's exhibition begins on the ground floor, where his mastery of miniature painting is prominently showcased. Here, visitors encounter murals and sets adorned with miniature work, each thoughtfully arranged to evoke somber yet chaotic tones.

Moving to the first floor, the ambiance shifts as photographs of the city, ceramic tiles, videos and mirrors create a multi-dimensional experience. Finally, reaching the rooftop offers a grand finale, where the space transforms to reflect the dynamic culture of Lahore, providing viewers with a stark yet harmonious contrast to the interior journey curated by the artist.

Through these solo exhibitions, Imran Qureshi aimed to establish an interesting dialogue between his exhibitions, creating a philosophical diptych in the process. The solo exhibitions ‘Home’ and ‘The Garden’ will remain open for viewing till the summer of current year.