Sunday April 14, 2024

Hike in Swabi varsity transport fee opposed

By Our Correspondent
March 01, 2024
Women’s University Swabi Administration block can be seen. —  WUS Website
 Women’s University Swabi Administration block can be seen. —  WUS Website

SWABI: The recent decision by the administration of Women’s University Swabi to double transport fares has sparked dissatisfaction am­ong students and parents.Expressing their concerns, parents have urged the university administration to reconsider its decision, otherwise they would stage protests against it.

Parents of university students stated that it was not the first time fees had been raised, but the magnitude of this increase—from Rs17,000 to Rs35,000—has exacerbated financial burdens. They lamented the unjust impact on their already strained budgets. “Our parents’ incomes are insufficient to cover both university fees and household expenses, especially amid rising inflation,” said one of the students.

They also criticised the university for charging fees for six months when a semester typically lasts only four months, and deemed it unfair. When contacted, the university administration said that transport fares had remained unchanged since 2019. They pointed out the need to consider factors such as fuel prices, and their comparison between the years 2019 and 2024.