Sunday May 19, 2024

Past principles

By News Desk
February 29, 2024
Past principles

This letter refers to the article ‘After the elections’ (TNS, February 25, 2024) by Sajid Amin Javed, which I feel is quite important and relevant for the country at this time. As new governments are being formed at the centre and in the provinces, the economic and financial management suggestions outlined in the article, provide a practical and sensible template. As a young Pakistani, I would also like to add that the federal and provincial governments should now get really serious about doing their utmost to improve standards of living.

Reducing utilities bills and food prices, drastically cutting the extravagant perks and privileges of the ruling elite, and generally reducing all non-developmental and unsustainable state expenses are all crucial steps. When Pakistan came into being in 1947 it was a very poor country and our founding father lived very simple lives, drawing only a token salary and lacking the ostentation that we associate with our rulers today. This is the spirit that we urgently need to revive.

M Hashim Khan