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Pakistani heritage attracts visitors

February 28, 2024
This image shows chines women wears Pakistani dress. — APP/File
This image shows chines women wears Pakistani dress. — APP/File

Islamabad: The event captivated attendees with a tapestry of Pakistani food, heritage, and vultures during the culture festival held. The event showcased a myriad of rich and colourful activities, drawing in students, faculty, staff, alumni, and thousands of enthusiastic citizens.

One of the highlights of this festival was the collaboration between the Pakistan Consulate in Guangzhou, Pakistani students at Shenzhen and the Shenzhen University College of International Exchange. Together, they organised a stall that served as a cultural melting pot, representing Pakistan’s diverse heritage alongside other nations. In summary, the all-day-long event proved to be a resounding success, epitomising the spirit of cultural exchange and mutual understanding, Gwadar Pro reported on Tuesday. The Pakistani stall became a focal point, attracting thousands of Chinese locals, foreigners, and children eager to explore and learn about Pakistani culture.

Visitors revelled in the opportunity to don traditional hand-woven jackets, caps, and shawls, immersing themselves in the vibrant colours and patterns that define Pakistani attire. Particular attention was directed toward the handcrafted shoes, known as ‘khusa,’ which piqued the interest of the local populace. The handmade shoes not only offered a glimpse into Pakistani craftsmanship but also provided a tangible connection to the rich traditions of the South Asian nation.