Monday April 15, 2024

Fascinating, artistic, and daring poetry

By Ibne Ahmad
February 27, 2024

If you love to read motivational books, grab a copy of the Tajrabaatay Zindgi by Nafeesa Sultan. Growing up in the fields of the village, she always felt like a child of the village. Whether listening to the stories told by the town women or hearing words of wisdom from her mother and her aunt, she grew up with the necessary tools from childhood on her way to becoming a young adult and later a grown woman.

This representational image shows an open book. — Unsplash
This representational image shows an open book. — Unsplash

In this book, she draws inspiration from her own life experiences to offer readers some beautifully penned poetic verses to help them on their path to self-discovery. She uses the poetic medium fully, using words and phrases to string together mesmerizing verses.

Tajrabatay Zindgi is a book of poetry that will appeal to everyone. That is because Nafeesa Sultan’s affirmations and motivational quotes speak the universal language of truth. With her inspiring verses, she delivers some valuable insights on life that give you a lot to think over.

Her poems follow a singular narrative infused with themes of childhood innocence, coming of age, and adulthood. The structural experimentation and non-rhythmic verses give an outlook to the poems that feel refreshingly welcome.

Tajrabaatay Zindgi by Nafeesa Sultan is a collection of poems that represents the intense relationship that she has with poetry and how the poems of love have inspired her. This collection is about when she fell in love with the poetry she was reading, how it affected her, and how this love affair started, and she did not want to stop reading.

In addition, there are poems about her family and her love for them. In a poem, she talks about her son how she loves to see him smile, and how it pains her to see him sad. The poems are so provocative that you think they are about an actual affair, and that intensity reveals Nafeesa’s passion for words used well and their value and purpose in life.

Tajrabaatay Zindgi is an emotionally charged, beautiful, and charismatic collection of poems that inspire and transport one’s imagination. I love reading and writing poetry, and never have I seen that love as eloquently expressed as she has done. Each poem in this collection is deliberate and purposeful, complementing each other.

I feel that Nafeesa Sultan clearly articulates her emotions. Her poems are, therefore, expressive and complex yet comprehensible for a wide-ranging audience to understand and appreciate.