Saturday April 20, 2024

Austerity for some

By News Desk
February 27, 2024

For quite some time, the finance ministry, in collaboration with some of the technocrats and highly paid consultants (most of them are normally appointed to get the predetermined results/reports) has been trying hard to reform prevailing pension rules and regulations. In this regard, it may be noted that the finance ministry, to my knowledge, has never objected to the lavish maintenance expenses and perks and allowances admissible to parliamentarians, president, prime minister, chairman senate, National Assembly speaker, etc. Millions and billions are being spent on providing security to these officials.

Austerity for some

In order to curtail undesirable and unjustified expenses, the finance ministry may kindly review the existing benefits admissible to parliamentarians including president, prime minister and all high profile positions and to rethink the cost of such facilities. Moreover, no post or position benefits should be allowed to the public representatives as they are not considered employees of the government.

Kh Tajammul Hussain