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Fair organised for development of women in villages

By Our Correspondent
February 25, 2024

Islamabad : British Asian Trust’s Nazia Bilal while inaugurating the fair as the chief guest said that the British Asian Trust is committed to the advancement of women.

women work on a harvest of green beans at a farm. — AFP/File
 women work on a harvest of green beans at a farm. — AFP/File

This fair will provide important opportunities for the development of women in villages. Such events are important for giving them an opportunity to advance as well as for their financial support, says a press release.

Organisation of Women’s Agricultural Fair Partnership for Development organised a wonderful fair with the financial support of Standard Chartered Foundation through British Asian Trust. The purpose of the fair was to promote and showcase the entrepreneurial skills of women from different villages. An exhibition of vegetables dried using sunlight was organized in the fair. The fair is a milestone in innovation in the agriculture sector and introduction of rural women to modern markets.

Balqis Tahira, Executive Director of the Partnership, said that the organisation will continue to play its role in addressing the challenges faced by women and youth in Pakistan for the empowerment of women through innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainable livelihoods. In Pakistan, where 70 per cent of women and 60 per cent of youth work in the informal sector, the fair aims to provide opportunities for economic stability, good working conditions and job security.

He said that Pakistan is facing a serious food security crisis despite the fact that the country produces large quantities of important food crops. Women are particularly affected by the crisis, who already face economic, social and nutritional insecurity.

Bilqis Tahira urged the concerned departments and the government to provide a platform for rural women. The fair is a milestone in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals of promoting gender equality, eradicating poverty and achieving sustainable consumption.