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PHC CJ asks judges to perform duties efficiently

By Our Correspondent
February 23, 2024

DERA ISMAIL KHAN: Chief Justice of the Peshawar High Court, Justice Muhammad Ibrahim Khan, stated on Thursday that all judges should perform their duties efficiently.

Peshawar High Court building can be seen. — APP/File
Peshawar High Court building can be seen. — APP/File

“Troubled people come here to solve their problems, so all efforts should be made to ensure timely dispensation of justice,” Justice Khan remarked.He underscored the divine significance of justice, stating: “Allah Taala loves justice and fairness.” He urged judicial officials to uphold these principles in their duties.

Justice Khan emphasised the importance of treating citizens seeking justice with respect and ensuring their grievances are addressed promptly.

Addressing lawyers, Justice Khan emphasised treating clients with kindness and striving to provide justice to the people. These sentiments were shared during a meeting with judges, members of the High Court Bar Cabinet, and District Bar Cabinet on his visit to Dera Ismail Khan.

Justice Khan stressed the need to maintain sincere and loving relationships between judges and lawyers, especially in remote stations like Dera Ismail Khan where challenges may arise during duty. Despite these challenges, judges are expected to perform their duties diligently.

With over 31 years of service, including a term as district and sessions judge in Dera Ismail Khan, Justice Khan emphasised his commitment to improving people’s lives through just decisions that promote peace.

“All judges should be accountable to maintain transparency in the system and uphold the rule of law without hesitation,” Justice Khan said. He credited the disposal of 900 petitions in the Peshawar High Court to the collective efforts of its staff and stressed the importance of mutual respect within the legal community.

“As chief justice, I bear great responsibility. I affirm that no decision, including those in orders and sheets, has been biased. We must support truth and uphold responsibility and dedication,” Justice Khan concluded, underscoring the judiciary’s duty to serve justice impartially.