Wednesday April 17, 2024

Patriotic purchases

By News Desk
February 22, 2024

I would like to draw attention to the sudden influx of cheap imported used cars. Though there’s nothing cheap about paying 3.2 million rupees for a 660CC used vehicle, my point of contention is that these used vehicles are a huge burden on our national exchequer. Just a year back the country was on the brink of default and one of the extreme measures that were brought forth by the government was banning the import of nonessential items into the country.

Patriotic purchases

These cars cost dollars and were sold in rupees. And now, all of a sudden, the restrictive regulatory duties have been removed, as though our economic problems have vanished overnight. In fact, the have not. What is wrong in driving ‘Made in Pakistan’ cars on Pakistani roads? We must all always be reminded that we continue to be a nation on the brink of economic disaster. Our foreign exchange reserves are all borrowed money. Salvation lies in us being more pragmatic and availing our local resources. Buy local. Do not be selfish. Save the country.

Qasim Haider