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Australia collaborates with Kinnaird College to empower girls through cricket

By Jamila Achakzai
February 21, 2024

Islamabad:In a resounding celebration of gender equality and sporting prowess, the Australian High Commission, in partnership with Kinnaird College for Women and the Pakistan Cricket Board, orchestrated the vibrant spectacle of the 5th Girls’ Cricket Cup in Lahore. 

Kinnaird College for Women building can be seen in this image. —  Kinnaird College for Women website
 Kinnaird College for Women building can be seen in this image. —  Kinnaird College for Women website

This collaborative effort aimed at transcending boundaries and stereotypes while fostering empowerment through the medium of cricket.

Neil Hawkins, Australia’s High Commissioner to Pakistan, commended the girls and participating institutions for their dedication and thanked Kinnaird College and the Pakistan Cricket Board for their unwavering support. "Sport can dismantle barriers and reshape perceptions," remarked Mr. Hawkins, emphasising the transformative potential inherent in each boundary hit and catch taken by these aspiring athletes.

Preceding the tournament, the girls underwent a comprehensive three-day coaching clinic, spearheaded by elite coaches from the realm of women’s cricket, including members of the Pakistan National Women’s Team. Tania Mallick, Head of Pakistan Women Cricket, hailed the tournament as a platform for nurturing talent at the grassroots level, echoing sentiments of progress and inclusivity.

Principal Rukhsana David of Kinnaird College for Women expressed elation at hosting the tournament, highlighting the institution's commitment to gender empowerment through sports participation. Mentored by Pakistan’s national women cricketers, the participants were imbued with confidence, team spirit, and inspiration, nurturing an environment conducive to the development of women’s cricket in Pakistan.

The 5th Girls’ Cricket Cup featured spirited competition from teams representing Government Shuhda-e APS Memorial Girls High School, Government Central Model School, Government Tehzeeb-ul-Binat Model Girls School, and Kinnaird Cricket Academy. Amidst cheers, camaraderie, and a fervent display of talent, the event underscored the pivotal role of sports in shaping a more equitable and inclusive society.