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PPP leader demands probe into 2024 election results

February 13, 2024

MARDAN: A Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader and former federal minister Nawabzada Khwaja Muhammad Hoti on Monday rejected the results of the 2024 general elections .

PPP workers can be seen in this image on January 4, 2024. — Facebook/Pakistan Peoples Party - PPP
PPP workers can be seen in this image on January 4, 2024. — Facebook/Pakistan Peoples Party - PPP

At a press conference in the Mardan Press Club, he cited significant disparities between the 2018 and 2024 election results, adding that that in 2018, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) provincial assembly candidates secured victory by approximately 25000 votes, while National Assembly candidates won by around 80000 votes. However, in the recent elections, provincial assembly candidates claimed victory with a margin of about 40000 votes, and NA candidates with approximately 100,000 votes.

Hoti questioned the feasibility of such large-scale voting, pointing out that it takes several minutes to cast a single vote. These discrepancies raise doubts about the integrity of the electoral process, he added.

Expressing concerns over the state of democracy in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Hoti likened the province to a laboratory where political experiments are conducted at the expense of public welfare. He urged for a shift in focus towards conducting fair elections at the national level, advocating for equitable distribution of governance responsibilities.

Hoti criticised the prevailing coalition government at the Centre and predicted its collapse within 16 months. He stressed the need for transparent elections, suggesting that if the PTI were to emerge victorious under fair conditions, it would be a positive outcome for the country.

Drawing attention to the inflated voting ratios and apparent discrepancies in election processes, Hoti underscored the need for accountability and called upon the army chief to initiate a transparent inquiry into electoral manipulation, calling for public punishment of those involved.

Hoti lamented the lack of comprehensive policies for public welfare and economic stability. He urged senior politicians to reconsider their electoral engagements and advocate for transparency and accountability in governance.