Saturday February 24, 2024

2 young leopards found dead in Murree

February 12, 2024

MURREE: Two young leopards were found dead in the surroundings of Changla Gali, the famous tourist resort of Galliyat on Sunday. It is relevant to mention here that these dead leopards relate to rare species and it is matter of concern that time to time such news had received from the different areas of Galiyat. 

This image shows the Snow Leopard. — AFP/File
This image shows the Snow Leopard. — AFP/File

It is also relevant to mention here that Ayubia National Park was set up in the areas of Galliyat, which is also responsible for the protection of wildlife in the vicinity of Galliyat. It is suspected that the dead leopards lost their lives due to poison.

Muhammad Afaq Abbasi a local journalist told this scribe that these leopards have reportedly attacked and injured the livestock of locals and if the wild life department will not compensate the aggrieved families the genocide of the wild life would not be stopped.