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Victory of PTI’s independent candidates in KP not surprising

February 10, 2024

PESHAWAR: The election results of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa assembly were not surprising and unexpected. In all the survey reports, independent candidates supported by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf had the upper hand, but there were conflicting opinions regarding the number of independent candidates. Analysts thought that independent candidates supported by Tehreek-e-Insaf could win 30 to 40 seats while other political forces would also win seats.

Activists of the opposition party PTI take part in an anti-government rally demanding an early election in Karachi on October 28, 2022. — AFP
Activists of the opposition party PTI take part in an anti-government rally demanding an early election in Karachi on October 28, 2022. — AFP

The political parties of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, especially JUI and ANP, have faced a major upset, who have faced a heavy defeat, while the people have also rejected those who switched allegiance and joined the King’s Party PTIP. The election results illustrate the significant change of political forces in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, in which many questions are being raised about the organizational structure and functioning of the old political parties

During the 2024 elections, experts thought that a coalition government would be formed in the province in which independent candidates supported by Tehreek-e-Insaf will be in large numbers and JUI, ANP and Muslim League (N) can also be part of the government, but the people have overwhelmingly rejected the traditional parties including Jamiat Ulema-eIslam and Awami National Party, Muslim League (N), Qaumi Watan Party, Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan, Pakistan People’s Party. Voters have expressed their lack of confidence in Tehreek-e-Insaf Parliamentarians including Pervez Khattak and Mahmood Khan. Thus king’s party was also rejected.

The majority of the people have given sympathy votes to the independent candidates supporting Tehreek-e-Insaaf. Voters also rejected those who left the party. In the victory of the supporting candidates of Tehreek-e-Insaaf, along with the sympathy of Imran Khan, the issuance of health cards in the province also played an important role.

According to analysts, the poor performance of the PDM-backed caretaker government in the province and inflation in the country also played an important role. A large number of youths have also given their votes to independent candidates. PTI-P Chairman Pervez Khattak and Vice Chairman Mahmood Khan have also faced defeat in the election upheaval. Both remained Chief Ministers of the province and later on they changed their loyalties from PTI.

Other notable figures include ANP central leader Amir Haider Hoti, Provincial President Amil Wali Khan, and Qaumi Watan Party Chairman Aftab Ahmed Khan Sherpao also lost their seats. Heavyweight personalities like Maulana Fazlur Rehman and Mian Nawaz Sharif also faced defeat in their respective constituencies in KP. Despite these failures, the central leadership of PTI including Chairman Barrister Gohar, General Secretary Umar Ayub Khan, former National Assembly Speaker Asad Qaiser, former Provincial Assembly Speaker Mushtaq Ghani, and many former MNAs and MPs have managed to win their elections.