Saturday April 20, 2024

Pak-Iran ties

By News Desk
January 24, 2024

Pakistan and Iran have shared a diplomatic relationship since Pakistan’s establishment in 1947. Overcoming regional challenges, the nations have cooperated in areas such as energy, security, and border management, fostering mutual understanding through cultural and educational exchanges. Around a week ago, the historically close nations became entangled in a brief dispute, each claiming to target terrorist groups within the other’s borders. 

Pak-Iran ties

The true enemy, both nations quickly realized, was the menace of terrorism affecting them globally. While sovereignty remains non-negotiable, the common threat of terrorism should unite, not divide, Pakistan and Iran. In a positive development, diplomatic channels were activated to defuse tensions and restore full diplomatic ties. It is crucial to emphasize the cultural, religious, and historical bonds uniting Pakistan and Iran. Both nations must invest in a collective effort to dismantle cross-border terrorist networks for shared security. A united approach against terrorism will not only preserve their historic friendship but also contribute to regional peace and stability.

Ali Gul Leghari