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Allama Iqbal Library to be operational today

By Khalid Iqbal
January 18, 2024

Rawalpindi:The 145-year-old Municipal Library renamed as Allama Iqbal Library will be opened to the general public today (Thursday).

Allama Iqbal Library can be seen in this image. — Facebook/Central Library of Allama Iqbal Open Univesity, Islamabad
Allama Iqbal Library can be seen in this image. — Facebook/Central Library of Allama Iqbal Open Univesity, Islamabad

Chief Minister Punjab Mohsan Naqvi will inaugurate Allama Iqbal Library which is being upgraded for Rs9.789 million with the addition of an e-library corner. Commissioner Rawalpindi Division Liaquat Ali Chatha visited Allama Iqbal Library and appreciated Metropolitan Corporation Rawalpindi (MCR) officials for completing the upgraded work in a short period.

On the directions of Commissioner Rawalpindi Division, concerned management has arranged over 40,000 books of different volumes. He has also directed to facilitate the general public especially the youth to help them with preparations of their examinations.

Furthermore, he also directed to meet the latest requirements, new books for the library purchases so that the public/students could benefit from it. Moreover, complimentary tea will be served to students who come to the library to prepare for competitive exams. In 2018, the then Rawalpindi mayor Sardar Naseem utilised a World Bank loan for the refurbishment of the library.

Under the project, a new building was constructed after razing the old one while furniture and books were purchased and a computer system was installed in the library. The municipal library was established in 1873 in two small rooms with 1,000 books and 25 members. The number of members increased to 8,000 but so far 200 of them have remained active.

The old building, which was refurbished in 2018, was constructed in 1980. Former military ruler General Ziaul Haq gave a special fund of Rs1 million to then-mayor Ghulam Hussain to upgrade the library. In 2001, the devastating flood in Nullah Leh destroyed the library and later the then district nazim Raja Tariq Mehboob Kiani managed to get funds from different government and private organisations to make the library functional.

Now the administration has completed and established a special corner for students, coffee café and other facilities like internet and e-library. Talking to ‘The News’, Town Officer (TO) (Services and Infrastructure) Rafaqat Gondal said that the upgradation work of the library has been completed. The library will be open for the general public from tomorrow (today), he said. “We want to equip it with modern sciences through e-library. New books will be added to the library. Books for competitive exams are also being provided and students would be able to prepare for their exams of public service commission,” he said. He said the basic aim was to provide a pleasant environment for students visiting the library so that they can concentrate on their studies

The Allama Iqbal Library has a separate hall where there will be books only of Urdu literature. It has a computer as well as an internet facility. Through the e-system, students will get maximum knowledge of modern sciences.