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Organs donation service to humanity

January 15, 2024

LAHORE: Thousands of people in Pakistan are suffering from kidney, liver, blindness and other diseases, the only way to cure them is organs transplantation. Organs donation is a service to suffering humanity. These views were expressed in a special seminar titled “Organ Donation, Transplantation, Role and Importance of Organs” under the auspices of Mir Khalil ur Rehman Memorial Society (Jang Group of Newspapers) and Punjab Human Organ Transplantation Authority.

A representational image of doctors during surgery.—Unsplash
A representational image of doctors during surgery.—Unsplash

Dr Raja Sajjad Asghar hosted the seminar. The special guest, Health Minister Prof Dr Javed Akram said care should be taken in food so that diseases are reduced, thus the need for organs donation will also be reduced.

Dr Javed Akram also announced donating his body organs. He said if someone’s life can be saved by donating organs, it is a good deed.

VC King Edward Medical University Professor Dr Mahmood Ayaz said to spread more awareness about organ transplantation and encourage those who want to become donors. If they don’t have a job, give them a job, he said.

Tahir Raza Bukhari said that our first goal is to serve humanity. If organ donation saves a person’s life, then there is no greater service than that. Saving the life of one person is equal to saving the life of the entire humanity. There is a need to spread awareness among people.DG PHOTA Professor Dr M Shahzad Anwar said PHOTA has lit a candle for human organ donation so that it can enlighten the whole of Pakistan.

Rais Ansari said whatever we want to make controversial, we make it a religious issue.Professor Dr Khalid Masood Gondal said diabetes and blood pressure are diseases that affect all organs of the body. We should consume more vegetables and fruits in our diet to avoid diseases.

Allama Jawad Naqvi said today religion is used as a weapon.

Chairman Hilal Committee Maulana Abdul Khabir Azad said we should serve humanity, this is a good practice, there is no problem in donating organs. Bishop of Lahore Nadeem Kamran said we all believe in Allah Almighty and Allah says to serve humanity. So we all should contribute to organ donation.

Former Chairman Sheikh Zayed Hospital Prof Dr Farid Ahmed Khan said after death, human organs are mixed in the soil, if someone’s life is saved with your organs, it will be a good deed. Wasif Nagi said scholars should talk about organ donation and transplantation in Friday sermons and play an important role in spreading awareness among people.