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Surge in demand for local products to bring economic boost in country

By Afshan S. Khan
December 31, 2023

ISLAMABAD : Following the latest trend, Pakistani consumers are increasingly demanding locally produced goods over imported ones, making a significant shift in purchasing behaviour. This shift is attributed to a growing awareness of the economic benefits of supporting indigenous industries and restricting imported products.

Representational image. — APP File
Representational image. — APP File

The surge in demand for local products is closely tied to the widespread use of barcode scanning and checking for the products which are imported. Consumers are utilising these tools to know the origin of products, allowing them to make informed decisions at the point of purchase. This technology has empowered individuals to prioritiselocally-made items, as they become more conscious of the impact of their choices on the Pakistan's economy. Tahmeena Khan said that earlier I used to buy any product that I fancy but now I take reading glasses with me to check local products. It's good to see that marts and supermarkets are stacking upon more local products rather than imported products because they have gone beyond our range as well as the trend to support local product is going on," she said.

More and more demand is escalating and local companies are bent upon to compete with each other in a competitive market. People are inquiring each other in the groups that what's the local alternative of that and what's available online etc.

Saira Zaman while talking to this scribe said that our local companies have to make their mantle in a competitive market, they have to raise their standards at par with the imported products. With limited range they are offering, with substandard products, the consumers will not compromise.

SaveraJabbar said that earlier if it used to take me one hour for grocery shopping, now it takes me at least two hours for shopping because reading about each and every products origin takes time. "I take my time just to make sure my money spent is justified and I want to promote and use Pakistani products for the benefit of my country," she said. With this support local manufacturers campaign going round, our local manufacturers are experiencing a substantial boost in sales, as their products gain prominence on the shelves.

The emphasis on supporting domestic businesses has given indigenous manufacturers a competitive edge over imported goods. This positive and conscious change in consumer behaviour would bring about a positive development for Pakistan's economy, increased job creation and sustainable growth. The surge in sales is expected to contribute to the overall economic growth of the country and strengthening the Pakistani rupee.

The public has viewed it as a positive outcome of efforts to promote 'Made in Pakistan' initiatives. Banks are also encouraging and financing startups to make their mark in the competitive market. While the surge in demand for local products presents numerous opportunities, challenges also loom on the horizon. Ensuring the sustained quality and competitiveness of locally-made items will be crucial to maintaining consumer trust.

Additionally, addressing supply chain issues and ensuring all time availability to the consumers. People are hoping that this consumer's buying behaviour is here to stay and more and more local products flood the market for better quality and healthy competition in the market. They also hope that this campaign 'Be Pakistani, buy Pakistani' sustains in the long run and not just a two or three months campaign.