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Call to cut prices of life-saving medicines

By Our Correspondent
December 24, 2023

LAHORE : Shortage of life-saving medicines in country not only creates problems for patients but also affects healthcare services. Besides, raw material used in medicines’ preparation has also become expensive.

Speakers expressed these views in a seminar organised by Mir Khalil-ur-Rahman Memorial Society (MKRMS), Jang Group of Newspapers in collaboration with Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (PPMA) titled ‘Increasing prices of medicines, shortage, the problem of raw material’.

A representational image of medicines. — Unsplash
A representational image of medicines. — Unsplash

Provincial Health Ministers Prof Dr Javed Akram and Dr Jamal Nasir were the chief guests while Mian Khalid Misbah, Asim Rauf, Kashif Anwar, Hamad Raza, Humaira Majeed, Usman Khalid Waheed and others also spoke.

Caretaker Health Minister Prof Dr Javed Akram said that it was a pity that there was not a single bio-transplant in Pakistan, while there were more than 350 plants in our neighboring country India. All will have to work smoothly, he said and assured that he would convey whatever recommendations were made in the seminar to the federal government.

Dr Jamal Nasir said that he would talk to the federal government about the rising prices of life-saving medicines.

It is worth-noting that life-saving medicines should be provided at cheap prices, he added.

Former Chairman PPMA Hamid Raza said that due to severe shortage of raw material in the country, raw material was imported. Chairman of PPMA Khalid Misbah demanded the government simplify the laws to improve the pharmaceutical industry and supply of medicines?

Secretary Health Ali Jan said that Pakistan’s pharmaceutical industry is worth $3 billion, which is very less.

Local pharmaceutical companies should raise their political standards.

Pharmaceutical companies continue to work for improving their quality according to the global standards.

DRAP Chairman Asim Rauf said that there was a shortage of life-saving medicines in Pakistan.

The Drug Regulatory Authority is taking all possible measures to resolve this issue.

Chairman PIAF Kashif Anwar said that the increase in the prices of medicines is the cause of a big problem for patients.

Head of Anesthesia Jinnah Hospital Ashraf said that there was a dire need for availability of life-saving medicines. Dean of Pharmacy Lahore College Humaira Majeed said that the medicine industry was not what it is now.

Chief Executive

Officer (CEO) of Ferozsons Osman Khalid Waheed stressed finding a solution that can be easily implemented to resolve the issue of shortage of medicines.

Nadeem Zafar said that the medicine industry should be run and should not be closed.

Wasif Nagi said that in order to make medicines cheaper, it is necessary to produce the raw materials in Pakistan, as Sargodha University claims

that FATA and Waziristan have more than 70% of herbs that can be used to make medicines and it is the best raw material —Hira Batool