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Favourite Sargent wins Winter Cup as Ali Ravi surprises in Golden Drift

By Asher Butt
December 19, 2023

LAHORE: A half-bred young Sargent lived up to the expectations in the Winter Cup but an upset was pulled off by Al Ravi in the Golden Drift Cup here at the Lahore Race Club on Sunday.

The LRC witnessed a day of exhilarating races at its 16th-day Winter Meeting, featuring two cup events and five plates. The Winter Cup and Golden Drift Cup headlined the day’s events, with a total of seven races, each covering a distance of 1000 meters.

A representational image of a car race. — Unsplash/File
A representational image of a car race. — Unsplash/File

The opening race set the tone for the day as Kara Macs, defying expectations, pulled off a surprising victory. Champion Prince secured the second position, while Zoaq-e-Yaqeen claimed an unexpected third place.

In the second race, Life is Good emerged as an unexpected frontrunner. Mister Macs lived up to expectations by securing the second position, and Malik Prince added another twist by claiming third place.

Shobika, continuing its winning streak from the previous Sunday, clinched victory in the third race. Top Secret and Desert Parri surprised the onlookers by securing the second and third positions, respectively.

The much-anticipated Winter Cup saw Sargent fulfilling expectations with a roaring victory. However, Shair-e-Niaz Baig, entering as a wild card, secured an unexpected second position, while Falling Love slipped from its projected place to third.

In the highlight of the day, the Golden Drift Cup, Al Ravi created the biggest upset by securing victory. Sarpanch’s surprising journey to second place added to the day’s unexpected turn of events, with Manat claiming the third position in a stylish manner.