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Pak envoys moot likely early next month

By Farooq Aqdas
December 13, 2023

A conference of Pakistani ambassadors and high commissioners posted in important countries of the world will be held in Islamabad in January.

Sources said the decision had been taken by the government to review the foreign policy in the context of changing international situations.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs building can be seen. — APP/File
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs building can be seen. — APP/File

However, the situation arising from the decision of the Indian Supreme Court regarding Occupied Kashmir will be at the top of the agenda.

The conference is usually held in one or two years but it is being held after three years.

In addition to the situation in Occupied Kashmir, there will be consultations on issues related to foreign policy on India, Afghanistan, Gaza and Ukraine conflicts. Ambassadors and High Commissioners to the United States, Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, UAE, India, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Qatar, Iran and UN permanent representatives will also be invited to the conference.

In the moot, there will be a discussion on economic improvement under the geo-economics theory, while there will also be a date on the strategy of promoting foreign trade and exports. The Pakistani leadership including the caretaker prime minister will also attend.