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Chaand Nagar Cultural Centre launched

December 11, 2023

Rawalpindi:In a dazzling display of artistic prowess, the Chaand Nagar Cultural Centre emerged as a beacon for arts and culture enthusiasts during its grand launch ceremony here.

The event, held at CNCC’s premises in Rawal­pindi (IVSL School, Westridge 1), featured mesmerising performances that celebrated the city's rich heritage. Established by writer, director, and theatre actor, Imran Iftikhar, the Chaand Nagar Cultural Centre aims to revive and promote the vibrant arts and cultural scene in Rawalpindi, an ancient city steeped in history. 

The CNCC logo can be seen in this image. — Facebook/Chaand Nagar Cultural Centre
 The CNCC logo can be seen in this image. — Facebook/Chaand Nagar Cultural Centre 

The evening commenced with soul-stirring music, as the melodic notes of the flute and the rhythmic beats of the tabla resonated through the cultural centre.

The classical dance performance of Kathak added a touch of elegance, enchanting the audience with its grace and precision. The highlight of the night was a theatrical play paying tribute to the legendary Urdu humorist, Patras Bukhari, a poignant homage that showcased the timeless humour that has defined Urdu literature. Imran Iftikhar, expressed his passion for preserving and nurturing the city's cultural heritage. "Rawalpindi is a city with a rich history and culture, and it was high time we had a dedicated space to celebrate and preserve our artistic legacy.

The Chaand Nagar Cultural Centre aspires to be that hub for artists and art enthusiasts alike, fostering creativity and providing a platform for diverse cultural expressions. The launch ceremony witnessed an enthusiastic turnout, with attendees expressing their appreciation for the initiative. Local artists, performers, and culture aficionados united in their support for the Chaand Nagar Cultural Centre, recognizing it as a crucial step towards rekindling Rawal­pindi's artistic flame.