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Countering smog

By News Desk
December 11, 2023

I’m writing to convey how deeply concerned I am about Punjab’s growing smog problem, which has to be addressed right away and requires coordinated efforts from the public and the government. In addition to becoming a health risk, the region faces serious environmental and economic difficulties as a result of the ongoing haze. The level of smog has increased significantly in the last few years, especially during the winter. When the air quality index continuously falls below safe thresholds, residents experience an increase in respiratory disorders and other health concerns.

Countering smog

The main causes of this smog disaster are construction activities, vehicular emissions, industrial pollutants, and the burning of agricultural waste. Farmers’ habit of burning crop leftovers, particularly after harvest, has emerged as a significant factor in smog formation. The government must encourage farmers to implement sustainable farming practices, promote cleaner energy options, and invest in technologies that minimize emissions. Increased public awareness campaigns are necessary to inform the public about the harmful effects of smog and the significance of each person’s personal contribution to pollution reduction.

Bushra Farrukh