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Street criminals apprehended after police encounters

By Our Correspondent
December 10, 2023

In encounters on Saturday, Karachi police apprehended street criminals, recovering weapons and snatched items, including 17 cellphones.

During an exchange of fire, the Saudabad police arrested two alleged outlaws wanted in dacoity cases. The police, acting on a tip, rushed to the spot near the railway line in Saudabad, where two robbers were looting civilians. Upon the police arrival, the robbers opened heavy fire, prompting a retaliatory response. 

This image shows police commandoes standing alert. — AFP/File
This image shows police commandoes standing alert. — AFP/File

One robber was arrested with injuries, while the other was apprehended unharmed.

A search of their possessions led to the recovery of 17 cellphones and Rs19,000 in cash. The identified arrested robbers were Abdul Rehman and Owais. The police were obtaining the previous criminal records of the arrested individuals, and the injured was transferred to Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre and the unharmed to the police station.

In a separate encounter, the patrolling team of Baloch Colony police station apprehended two robbers near Gujjar Chowk, Manzoor Colony, close to Bismillah Puliya. The suspects, Muhammad Saleem Brohi and Muhammad Usman, were arrested with arms and a stolen motorcycle, snatched from KIA police remit a few weeks earlier.

These habitual offenders previously went to jail for stealing motorcycles and possessing illegal weapons from Sharea Faisal, Police Brigade, and Awami Colony police stations. Further investigations were underway.