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Call to bring children close to Shah Latif’s message of peace and humanity

December 10, 2023

Hyderabad: Scholars, Intellectuals and writers of Sindh have described Shah Abdul Latif as a humanitarian, poet and protector of the language and said that for the preservation of the language, it is necessary to bring their children close to Latif and teach them the message of peace, brotherhood and humanity of Latif to the new generation, while addressing the opening ceremony of the two-day "Shah Latif Festival for Children" organized by the Sindhi Language Authority.

Addressing the opening ceremony of the festival, Minister for Culture and Sports, Dr. Junaid Ali Shah said, "Sindh is the richest in the world in terms of culture and historical heritage. But we have our great culture, civilization, history, and a great poet like Shah Latif." They could not meet the needs of the world

Children play an act during the two-day Shah Latif Festival for Children on December 9, 2023. — Facebook/Sindhi Language Authority - سنڌي ٻوليءَ جو با اختيار ادارو
Children play an act during the two-day "Shah Latif Festival for Children" on December 9, 2023. — Facebook/Sindhi Language Authority - سنڌي ٻوليءَ جو با اختيار ادارو

He said that Latif's message is not only for Sindh, but this message is for humanity, which needs to be spread all over the world. The department, including the authority of Sindhi language, will be with every institution that will try to spread the message of our heritage, culture, and beauty. He said that with this kind of program, Latif will be closer to the new generation

Addressing the opening ceremony, Sindh Provincial Minister of Information and Endowment, Syed Muhammad Ahmad Shah said, "Shah Abdul Latif is a great philosopher and poet of the world. His poetry has a message of peace and brotherhood. Let's praise the beautiful woman in her words." Increase its importance and respect

He said that Latif is an enlightened poet who had a fight with fundamentalism and the king. He is a common man's poet to transfer it to the common man and the new generation. Such a program has been arranged by Sindh Language Authority

Dr. Ishaq Samiji, the Chairman of the Sindhi Language Authority, while addressing the opening ceremony, said, "Shah Latif did not become the head of any shrine, nor did he become a mentor by spinning amulets, but he built a new Sindh through poetry and built such a beautiful Sindh." Latif has given the light to Sindh that Sindh will never go to the dark side

He said that even today, when a good time comes to Sindh, Latif guides us, he will continue to guide generations for centuries, so it is important to mix Latif with our new generation, that's why we want such festivals in Sindh. Do it in all cities, Dubai, and other regions of the world to spread the message of Latif to the world

He further said that today we can see the skills of the children, even if this fair goes on for a hundred days, the skills of the children will not decrease

Shah Latif Festival for Children" organized by the authority of Sindhi language will continue for two days in which children from different schools and individually will demonstrate their skills through speech competition, poetry, music, and painting, Prizes and certificates will also be given to them.

Books and food stalls have also been set up by various institutions in the fair.