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SHO accused of locking elders illegally

By Bureau report
December 09, 2023

PESHAWAR: University Town Neighhbourhood Council Chairman Khalid Iqbal on Friday sought action against the house station officer for locking him along with other elders during a visit to the Town Police Station.

“We had gone to the police station to discuss the arrest of a local youth, but the SHO put us into the lock up instead of discussing the issue with us,” he told a press conference here. 

Police personnel in Peshawar stand guard. — AFP/File
Police personnel in Peshawar stand guard. — AFP/File

The LG representative said that the police were not ready to acknowledge the role of the elected representatives at the grassroots level.

The police took a young man from his area into custody a couple days back, he said, adding that the elders of the area had approached him to accompany them to the police station.He said that when they reached the police station, the cops on the direction of the SHO, locked him along with the local elders in the lockup.