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PMDC awaits WFME recognition

December 09, 2023

Islamabad: The World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) recently concluded its evaluations of Pakistan's medical education programs, marking a crucial step in the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council's (PMDC) pursuit of global recognition.

President of PMDC, Prof. Dr. Rizwan Taj, expressed optimism, stating that WFME recognition would empower graduates from PMDC-licensed colleges to pursue training and employment internationally, including in the USA.

The PM&DC logo can be seen in this photo. — Facebook/Pakistan Medical & Dental Council
The PM&DC logo can be seen in this photo. — Facebook/Pakistan Medical & Dental Council 

Emphasizing the importance of WFME's decision, Dr. Taj highlighted PM&DC's dedicated efforts in recent months. The final verdict is expected to be communicated in due course, with transparency being a priority in sharing the outcome with the public.

Dr. Taj underscored WFME's global standing as a reputable organization committed to elevating medical education worldwide. He reiterated that the primary focus remains on ensuring well-trained medical professionals capable of delivering high-quality healthcare services.

PMDC aims for lasting collaborations with esteemed global entities like WFME to uphold the 'highest standards of education and training' in medicine. The potential recognition by WFME holds significance in assuring that accredited medical institutes align with these standards, ultimately contributing to enhanced patient care.