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Faizabad dharna: Punjab govt asked to provide records

By Asif Mehmood Butt
December 07, 2023

LAHORE: The Federal Ministry of Interior has sought all the records of Faizabad dharna case from the Punjab government.

The Ministry of Interior issued the directive on the instructions of Commission of Inquiry formed on the Faizabad sit-in. The Punjab government has started collecting records and has sought reports from intelligence agencies, which will soon be sent to the Interior Ministry.

Protestors gather at the site of the Faizabadsit-in in Islamabad. — AFP/File
Protestors gather at the site of the Faizabadsit-in in Islamabad. — AFP/File

According to the documents available, in a letter sent by the secretary commission, the Home Ministry has been asked to provide policy decisions taken on the Faizabad sit-in from October 24 to November 27, 2017.

The details sought include reports of all federal and provincial intelligence agencies, policies and decisions to deal with TLP protests and subsequent sit-ins and minutes of the meetings held during that period.

The Inquiry Commission has further asked the government to disclose the correspondence between the Chief Secretary and IG Punjab and intelligence agencies on the Faizabad protest. The details of preparations made by the TLP before the sit-in, their march from different areas and gathering at the Faizabad Intersection have also been sought.

Besides the Rules of Business of the Home Ministry, the government has been asked to give a copy of the agreement signed with TLP and details of officers and posts of the-then ministry.