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Keep it down

By News Desk
December 07, 2023

Winter is here and so is the wedding season. Weddings are undoubtedly joyous events but people often do not realize how their exuberant celebrations may be disturbing others. People play loud music without caring about how this impacts those who live nearby. Some people are trying to study for their exams, some might be trying to relax after a hectic week, some might be praying, mothers might be trying to put their children to sleep and loud music will disturb them all.

Keep it down

It is high time that people realize that just because you are happy that your loved one is getting married does not mean the whole neighbourhood has to become an involuntary participant in your celebrations. Be it at day or night time, the volume of the music should be kept at a minimum to ensure the residents of the area are not disturbed.

Hafsa Ahmad