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‘Pak players should play volleyball league in India’

By Alam Zeb Safi
December 04, 2023

LAHORE: India’s volleyball players want Pakistan’s volleyballers to play in their professional league which will be held in March and April next year.

A top player of India has approached a Pakistani leading player and told him that Pakistani players are liked by Indians and suggested that they participate in India’s volleyball league. He also mentioned to the Pakistani player names of three Pakistani players who can become part of the league in India.

This correspondent learnt that the Pakistani player told him that due to political issues between the two nations it is difficult. “Although volleyball is a sport any such step can be made a political issue,” Pakistani player told the Indian player.

A representational image of a volleyball on a beach. — Unsplash/File
A representational image of a volleyball on a beach. — Unsplash/File

The Indian player said that Pakistani players are respected in India. He said that Pakistan cricket team did not face any issue during the recently concluded World Cup in India. “Pakistan team did not have any issue during the World Cup and India’s fans loved them during the event. Why will you face any issue? If Pakistani players visit India for the league it will improve the relationship between the two countries,” the Indian player told the Pakistani player.

Sources said that when Pakistan conquered India in the 2018 Asian Games in Indonesia, India showed keen interest in signing a couple of Pakistani players for its league. Indian cricket team does not come to Pakistan for an event as happened recently in the Asia Cup case.

Pakistan showed its character rather and sent its cricket team to India for the ICC World Cup recently. It has been difficult for the Pakistan’s sports contingents to get India’s visas. A few years ago, Pakistan kabaddi players were part of India’s Pro Kabaddi League. In 2014, three Pakistani kabaddi players showcased their skills in the Pro Kabaddi League.