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Challans of over Rs800,000 issued for water wastage

By Our Correspondent
December 01, 2023

LAHORE: Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) has imposed a fine of Rs817,500 on 163 persons for wasting clean drinking water during the month of November 2023.

The drive against citizens wasting clean drinking water was launched on the special instructions of Wasa Managing Director Ghafran Ahmed who was active in preventing water wastage across the city. 

Wasa MD said that during the month of November 2023, Wasa issued 163 challans amounting of Rs817,500 for water wastage, which has been added to the bills of the customers. 

This representational image shows a person pouring a glass of water from a tap. — AFP/File
This representational image shows a person pouring a glass of water from a tap. — AFP/File

Giving more details, Ghafran Ahmed said Wasa issued 22 challans in Allama Iqbal Town amounting to Rs123,000, in Aziz Bhatti and Wagah Town 9 challans of Rs41,000 were issued, in Data Town only one challan of Rs5,000 was issued, in Gulberg Town 39 challans of Rs255,000 were issued, in Jubilee Town 77 challans of Rs346,000, which was the highest numbers of challans, in Nishtar Town only two challans of Rs7,000 were issued, in Ravi Town 4 challans of Rs22,000 were issued, in Shalimar Town 9 challans of Rs23,500 were issued and in Iqbal Town a challan of Rs5,000 was issued on the report of Dolphin Force.

Wasa MD has given instructions for further strict action to stop wastage of clean drinking water. “If any consumer is found to be involved in repeated wastage of water, an FIR will be registered against him,” he directed. According to the order of the Lahore High Court, household consumers who waste water will be challaned up to Rs5,000 and commercial consumers up to Rs10,000, he said adding water was God's blessing for future generations and its wastage should be prevented. Wasa MD also directed to form special teams to prevent wastage of clean drinking water, which will patrol the city and pinpoint wastage of clean drinking water by the citizens.