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Voter apathy

By News Desk
November 29, 2023

It is quite sad that voter turnout in our country has never been encouraging, be it in local bodies or general elections. However, despite this fact, neither the political parties nor the government authorities, including the ECP, have ever paid any heed to this problem. 

One of the main reasons voter turnouts remain low is the lackadaisical performance of our politicians, which makes voting seem like an exercise in futility. It is also quite common for our politicians to frequently change allegiances or parties, betraying the trust that their voters place in them.

Voter apathy

I think it is quite risible when a candidate claims to represent a constituency where he/she has only secured the votes of around 10 per cent of the eligible voters. The relevant authorities should take notice of this problem and implement the appropriate reforms.

Khawaja Tajammul Hussain