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Lax policing

By News Desk
November 28, 2023

In Sindh, particularly in Larkana, it is no exaggeration to say that the roads have become hazardous. Traffic has become a critical issue in the city. During the morning rush, it is incredibly challenging for school-going students and other commuters to reach their destinations on time, lowering productivity at school and work. When faced with congestion on the roads, citizens resort to using side streets to reach their destinations, resulting in minor accidents involving children and causing frustration among families due to the disruptive noise of the vehicles.

Lax policing

The traffic police department has utterly failed to manage traffic effectively in the city. Surprisingly, the traffic police are often seen busy with their own personal activities such as using mobile phones, having tea, or chatting with colleagues in a corner while on duty. The government must ensure that the traffic police perform their duties better and enforce traffic rules effectively.

Sayed Zamin Ali