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Security concerns alarming among Lahorites

By Arshad Dogar
November 27, 2023

LAHORE :The security concerns are alarming nationwide as citizens face increasing threats in their personal and professional lives with the loss of life and property.

In a shocking turn of events, citizens across the country find themselves vulnerable to various forms of fear and terrorism, manifesting on their faces as they leave their homes. 

Every street and neighbourhood appear to be engulfed in an atmosphere of constant apprehension, with concerns rising about potential robberies and kidnappings. While the provincial capital remains complacent, dismissing the issue as less critical compared to crime rate in other regions. 

Over the past year, this city, once hailed for its tranquility and thriving community spirit, has witnessed a decline in its reputation and dignity on the global stage.

Lahore police official stands guard as others survey the crime scene. — AFP/File
Lahore police official stands guard as others survey the crime scene. — AFP/File

However, amidst the growing insecurity, one institution has stepped up to the plate - the Dolphin Squad and PRUs. Acting as both protectors and advocates for justice, they have become the cornerstone of the city's fight against crime.

Despite all odds, Dolphin Squad and the Police Response Unit have been working diligently day and night. The dedicated Dolphins not only combat crime but also strive to create an atmosphere of peace and security. SP Dolphins Zohaib Ranjha has taken initiatives for the Dolphin Squad and the Police Response Unit for the well-being of their personnel so that they could maintain their dedication to combat crimes. Talking about the initiatives, he said Lahore Police launched anti-drug and anti-begging squads to combat menace across the City. These squads are actively conducting operations against the growing threats of beggar mafias and drug addicts throughout the city.

Begging is no longer just a consequence of poverty; it has evolved into a mafia that exploits innocent minds, pushing them into this heinous trade. Multiple groups have emerged, ensnaring vulnerable individuals into a world of vice, contributing to the rise of crimes committed in the guise of begging. Recognising this menace, the Dolphin Squad has taken a stand against these beggar mafias, considering it a vital step towards creating a more prosperous and civilised society.

In the past three months alone, the anti-begging squad has taken custody of 784 professional beggars. Operations were carried out in hotspots such as Chungi, Qainchi, Walton, Gulberg, Kareem Block, Akbar Chowk, Iqbal Town, Sabza Zar, Bus Adda, and other areas to rid the city of beggars. Criminal records of apprehended beggars were thoroughly checked to ensure comprehensive action against the beggar mafia.

Moreover, to combat the drug epidemic plaguing the city, the anti-narcotics squad has been conducting operations against drug addicts. Over the past three months, 769 drug addicts have been apprehended. Dolphin SP Zohaib Nasrullah Ranjha emphasised that Dolphin and PRU teams are specially focusing on financial institutions, petrol pumps, and commercial centers. In addition to these efforts, a Friendly Patrolling Unit (FPU) has been established. The Sports Bike Patrolling Unit, comprising 12 teams and 24 bikes, will patrol the major commercial markets and public parks around Lahore. Friendly Patrolling Squad will also patrol Liberty, Greater Iqbal Park, Jilani Park, Bagh-e-Jinnah, Faisal Town Block 6, DHA Y Block, Kareem Block, and other markets. SP Dolphin Zohaib Nasrullah Ranjha expressed confidence that the friendly patrolling unit would not only enhance the soft image of Lahore Police but would also be a shining example of modernised policing for the citizens.

Moreover, recognising the importance of physical well-being, the Dolphin Squad has inaugurated a physiotherapy centre and clinic to maintain the fitness of its officers. The clinic features specialised physiotherapists who will be available round the clock to address issues such as postural problems and muscular discomfort, ensuring officers' well-being during their duties. Dolphins and PERUs engaged in seven real-time police encounters and apprehending dangerous gangs involved in criminal activities during the last three months. These gangs, previously considered a menace to the city, have now been curbed, instilling a sense of security among the residents.

Despite putting their lives on the line, the Dolphin Squad officers have shown remarkable resilience. Recently, Hafiz Nauman, a Dolphin officer, made the ultimate sacrifice, laying down his life in the line of duty. The Dolphin Squad remains committed to maintaining law and order, protecting citizens, and ensuring the safety of lives and property, displaying both valor and dedication in the face of adversity.

SP Dolphin, Zohaib Nasrullah Ranjha, revealed the establishment of a new unit at Dolphin Headquarters dedicated to analysing crime rates. This innovative Crime Profiling Unit not only monitors the rise and fall of crime rates but also delves into the reasons behind these trends. The unit actively engages with its personnel in workshops to share insights and explore better strategies.

SP Dolphin Zohaib Ranjha, while highlighting the performance of Dolphin and Police Response Units over the past three months, reported that they responded to 16,279 emergency calls through the 15 emergency helpline. The response time for Dolphin and Police Response Units averaged an impressive 5 to 7 minutes.

Dolphin Force has made significant strides in law enforcement, with 150 advertisements leading to the arrest of 126 ordinary criminals, 101 court absconders, and the capture of 39 gangs. Additionally, 87 street criminals involved in various crimes were apprehended. The force successfully arrested 1,487 individuals linked to street crimes. Dolphin Squad conducted seven live police encounters in the last three months, effectively neutralizing dangerous dacoits and bringing them to justice. They also cracked down on the illegal possession of weapons, arresting 87 individuals with unauthorised pistols and 19 with rifles. During operations against aerial firing, 87 individuals were apprehended, along with 14 involved in kite flying, and 32 involved in kite selling. Dolphin Squad made 82 arrests during the campaign against the use of illegal weapons, recovering 1447 grams of narcotics, ice, and 70 bottles of illicit alcohol.