Sunday December 03, 2023

Rabbani demands probe into PSO’s fuel supply refusal to PIA

November 09, 2023
Pakistan State Oil HQs can be seen in this picture. — PSO website
Pakistan State Oil HQs can be seen in this picture. — PSO website

ISLAMABAD: Former Chairman Senate Senator Raza Rabbani demanded an enquiry into the matter of Pakistan State Oil’s refusal to supply fuel to Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and said that as a consequence, PIA’s operations coming to a standstill during this period other private airlines made windfall profits by doubling, if not more, their fares, to the detriment of the travelling public.

“This wrongful gain needs to be explained, as all authorities remained silent and made no efforts to correct this position. Who benefited from this,” he questioned while demanding a probe into the PSO’s refusal to supply fuel to national flag carrier PIA in a statement on Wednesday.

Raza Rabbani said that PIA is a strategic national asset and its privatization in any form or mode will be opposed by the Pakistan People’s Party. “It is not within the lawful ambit of the Caretaker Government to take steps for PIA or any other public sector organization’s privatization,” he said.

He accused that now at throw-away terms the PIA kitchen in Islamabad is being outsourced to a local private airline. “This kitchen can be used to feed other flights from nearby airports,” he said.

The Former Chairman Senate said: “Through a deliberate campaign and steps taken PIA is being prepared for a loot sale. The PIA can be viable with professional management in the aviation sector. The present management is deficient in comprehending the dynamics of a modern aviation industry.”