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Korean envoy for enhanced ties

By Shahab Ansari
April 15, 2016


The Ambassador of the Korean Republic to Pakistan, HE Dr Song Jong-huwan, has termed Pakistan a beautiful country with very friendly and hospitable people with so many commonalities between the two and emphasised the need to build a 'Cultural' motorway like the M2 to extend and strengthen the friendly ties.

This was said by the ambassador, a highly educated diplomat with a PhD degree in Social Science’s discipline while talking to The News during his visits to The Lahore Museum, specially Gandhara Art Gallery and NCA on Thursday. He was received by Director of Lahore Museum. Accompanied by Esther Park, General Secretary Gandhara Art and Culture Association and its Chief Coordinator Zulfiqar Raheem, prominent artist Saeed Akhtar and Director Lahore Museum, Dr Song visited many sections of Gandhara Art Gallery. The Korean ambassador took a keen interest in the Fasting Buddha statue and other historic assets belonging to the Buddha religions. He pointed out that these great cultural assets preserved in the Pakistani museums have a great religious and cultural importance to the Buddhists all around the world, especially in Korea. He informed that besides being a long-time friend, Pakistan has a great significance to the Korean people in general and the Buddhists in particular since it is the birthplace and cradle of Buddha religion. Therefore, the Korean envoy maintained, like the motorway, which was built by the Koreans in Pakistan.

“We should also build a cultural highway to bring the two people closer. There is a great annual exhibition in being held in Korea this year in September and by cultural exchanges we can not only strengthen the cultural ties but can also promote tourism between the two countries tremendously since a lot of Koreans would love to come to Pakistan with regard to Buddhism's birthplace,” he said. 

He said that youth of Pakistan can change the fate of the country and youth must learn the art of work ethics which were adopted by the Korean youth in past. The ambassador said: “I am convinced that Pakistan will achieve its own economic miracle, miracle of Indus River.

Pakistan is the emergent market of the world economy. Pakistan is blessed with deep sea, strategic location, natural resources and its talented youth that can change the fate of the country. Korea had fewer resources but now considered one of the top economies of the world. It is just because of extraordinary sacrifice of the people of Korea and their work ethics. Pakistan is a developing country and youth in Pakistan makes up about 35pc of its total population. In the midst of crunching times, when Pakistan is facing severe issues such as terrorism, economic crisis, target killings, corruption and disunity, besides intrigues and plots being perpetrated by anti-Pakistan forces to destabilise Pakistan, the burden to take the country out of the whirlpool is upon its young people.

The Korean Ambassador was presented souvenir by the Director of Lahore Museum. Later, the Ambassador visited National College of the Arts where he was received by the Principal NCA Dr Ali Jafferi. The Ambassador spent some time in the renowned art institution and visited an on-going exhibition about Pakistan Railways. The Korean Envoy admired the efforts of the teachers and the administration of NCA for promoting peace and mutual exchange between various countries through art.