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Consumption of paan, gutka banned in KMC building

By Our Correspondent
October 11, 2023

KMC Municipal Commissioner Syed Afzal Zaidi on Tuesday issued a directive prohibiting the consumption of paan, gutka, and chalia within the confines of the KMC building.

The historical KMC building, situated on MA Jinnah Road, holds special heritage status. Zaidi emphasised the importance of maintaining cleanliness and urged people to refrain from using these banned substances while within the KMC's building premises. He warned, “If any KMC employee is found consuming paan, gutka, or chalia within the KMC building premises, they will face disciplinary action in accordance with established rules.”

During a recent visit to the building, Zaidi expressed his dissatisfaction with the cleanliness situation on the premises and the common practice of spitting paan, gutka and similar substances.

The Municipal Services Department issued instructions to the director of city wardens and the chief security officer of the KMC. They were tasked with ensuring that city wardens and security personnel strictly enforced the ban.