Monday June 24, 2024

Sustainable energy

October 02, 2023

The alarming rise in petrol prices is a threat to our industries, particularly construction, which is intrinsically tied to petroleum costs. This inflation is not only causing a spike in construction costs but is extending its tentacles throughout the entire real-estate sector. The inflationary repercussions are leading to increased property values, higher rental rates, and elevated prices for real estate-related services and products, casting a net of economic strain and amplified challenges on every entity involved, from builders to end consumers.

In addressing this issue, a possible solution could lie in examining global best practices. For instance, countries like Norway have invested substantially in renewable energy sources, thereby reducing their dependence on petroleum. Such a strategy not only offers an environmental benefit but also provides a buffer against fluctuating petroleum prices. It’s crucial for our government to think innovatively and long-term. Considering the massive reliance of our real-estate industry on petroleum, exploring alternative energy sources can be a sustainable solution.

Shazia Gulzar