Wednesday June 19, 2024

Sorry show

October 02, 2023

This letter refers to the news story ‘Imran Khan’s lawyer, PML-N politician come to blows during TV talk show’ (September 28, 2023). Another unpleasant incident of an extreme nature unfolded on a live TV show between an advocate and a doctor and senator. This is the level of intolerance, ill-mannered conduct and uncivilized behaviour these so-called ‘educated’ people have stooped to when dealing with a difference of opinion. What sort of example are these men setting for the supporters of their respective parties? There are many who are condemning this incident, but there are still some who are weighing it on the scale of who hit harder and who won the fight as if it was a wrestling match. Sadly, violence is becoming normalized in our society.

Anas A Khan