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Police told not to let ‘abusive’ son evict parents from their own house

By Our Correspondent
October 01, 2023

A court has directed the Madina Colony SHO to provide protection to a woman from her abusive son and ensure that she and her husband are not evicted from her house.

Veenas, a resident of Saeedabad in Baldia Town, filed a direct complaint with a judicial magistrate (West) against her son under provisions of the Domestic Violence (Prevention and Protection) Act of 2013 seeking protection from her son.

"After hearing and perusal of the inquiry report, the request of the complainant is allowed as the case prima facie is made out against the respondent," Magistrate Murad Ali Shah ruled, directing the police to provide protection under the domestic violence act to the complainant from her son.

Legal Aid Society's lawyer Bahzad Akbar Gabol, who represented the woman, said the complainant had been enduring unrelenting abuse at the hands of his son, who had been mentally and physical torturing her and her husband for the past several years.

He said the respondent, being a jobless, insulted, ridiculed and beaten the couple multiple times. He pointed out that the woman bore the financial burden of the house but their son was now threatening to forcibly evict them from their family home and sell the property to claim his share.

The court, was, therefore pleaded to direct the police to provide her protection and restrain the respondent from dispossessing her from the house.