Thursday November 30, 2023

Polish envoy visits UoP

By Bureau report
September 27, 2023

PESHAWAR: Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Pakistan, Maciej Pisarski, visited the Department of International Relations at the University of Peshawar on Tuesday, where he spoke about the Russia-Ukraine war, Poland’s stance on the war, and Pak-Poland relations.

In his remarks, Ambassador Pisarski said that “Russia is Russia” and that the country has a long history of aggression and imperialism. He condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine and called for an immediate withdrawal of Russian forces. He also praised the Ukrainian people for their courage and determination in resisting the Russian invasion. Ambassador Pisarski also talked about Poland’s unwavering support for Ukraine. He also enlightened the students about Poland’s history, economy, and cultural and ethnic demographics. In addition to discussing the Russia-Ukraine war, Ambassador Pisarski also highlighted the importance of Pak-Poland relations. He said that the two countries have a long history of friendship and cooperation. He also spoke about promoting tourism, culture, and collaboration between Pakistanis and Polish people.

He expressed his interest in visiting the tribal region. Ambassador Pisarski also praised the beauty of Peshawar and University of Peshawar in particular. He said that he was impressed by the university’s commitment to academic excellence and its role in promoting international understanding. Speaking at the event, University of Peshawar’s Department of International Relations Chairman Prof Dr Syed Hussain Shaheed Soherwordi welcomed Ambassador Pisarski to the university and thanked him for his visit.

He expressed the department’s commitment to strengthening Pak-Poland relations. Prof Soherwordi said that the department was interested in exploring opportunities for collaboration with Polish universities. Souvenirs were also exchanged between the ambassador and the Chairman of the department, which included a shield, the IR Department’s own journal, the Mosaic, a newsletter, and Professor Soherwordi’s book “Religion, Economics, and Politics in FATA-KP: The Enduring Challenges of Merged Tribal Districts in North-western Pakistan”. Mr. Pisarski presented his own book “Freedom Under the Pakistani Sky” to him as well. The visit of Ambassador Pisarski to University of Peshawar was a significant event that helped strengthen Pak-Poland relations and promote international understanding.