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REDO holds camp to control spread of pink eye infection

September 26, 2023

Rawalpindi:To control the spread of pink eye virus Rawalpindi Eye Donors Organisation (REDO) held a medical camp today at Kashana, a shelter home for girls without parental support, says a press release.

Residents including 10 girls affected by pink eye (conjunctivitis) were checked in detail by visiting REDO ophthalmologist and given eye drops. The girl children were also given a talk on hygiene by visiting doctors to prevent pink eye infection. The eye camp by REDO was held in response to a request made by the Kashana superintendent who thanked the visiting team for their prompt and timely guidance in controlling the spread of conjunctivitis.

Rawalpindi Eye Donors Organisation (REDO) was formed in Rawalpindi in 1977 and is a leading service provider. It has to its credit the largest number of cornea transplant procedures and provides free of cost services for the undeserved. At REDO complex surgeries are done on patients to keep their vision alive.

In view of the high demand for dialysis the facility is provided to all patients without ant distinction and deserving patients are provided free of cost dialysis. Kashana, management volunteers thanked the visiting team and assured REDO of their support in promoting health needs for the disadvantaged.