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Zong CEO meets IT minister

By Nrews Desk
September 26, 2023

ISLAMABAD : Zong 4G CEO and chairman Huo Junli met with interim IT & Telecommunication Minister Dr. Umar Saif on Monday and reaffirmed the company's pledge to invest in the country's digital future.

Huo Junli highlighted Zong 4G's role in leading the telecommunication industry and driving Pakistan's digital transformation, a statement said. He also discussed ways to foster social and digital inclusion and ensure that technology reaches every corner of the country. The meeting also spotlighted the enduring friendship between Pakistan and China, with Zong 4G envisioning a transformative "information superhighway" connecting the two nations, the statement said.

This initiative aims to facilitate seamless technology transfer and knowledge exchange from China to Pakistan, catalyzing Pakistan's progress and development. The meeting underscores Zong 4G's unwavering commitment to propel Pakistan's digital evolution, solidify its leadership in the telecommunications sector, and foster international collaborations that illuminate a brighter digital future, the statement said.