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Governor discusses trade, education ties with Iranian envoy

By Our Correspondent
September 24, 2023

LAHORE : The Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Pakistan Raza Amiri Moghaddam called on Punjab Governor Balighur Rehman here Saturday at the Governor's House on Saturday.

In the meeting, the expansion of bilateral relations in the fields of education, culture, and trade were discussed. Speaking on the occasion, Punjab Governor said that Iran is a brotherly Islamic country, and the relations between the two countries are based on ancient history, mutual respect and bilateral cooperation. He said that Pakistan is actively working to strengthen its trade relations with friendly countries so that they can benefit from each other's experiences in the process of economic development. He said that there are many opportunities to increase bilateral cooperation between Pakistan and Iran in the fields of trade, tourism, culture, and education. He said that Pakistan's textile products are known for their high quality worldwide. While Pakistani rice and other agricultural produce are also very popular in the world because of their high quality.

Baligh said that Pakistani textile products can be exported to Iran. He said that foreign direct investment facilities are being provided to foreign investors in the export processing zones set up under CPEC. He said that Iranian industrialists can invest in these export processing zones.

The governor added that in addition to common culture between the two countries, they also share values in literature. Irani people love and respect Allama Iqbal while the sayings of Jalaluddin Rumi are a source of guidance for all, he added.

Governor Punjab further said the exchanges of delegations comprising education experts, and students in each other's universities will strengthen people to people connections. He said that as the chancellor, he invites students from Iran to study in Pakistani universities, while there should also be opportunities for Pakistani students to study in Iranian universities.

Governor Punjab maintained that it is encouraging that barter trade has been promoted since the recent past. He said that the Iranian President himself came to the border and visited the markets along with the Prime Minister of Pakistan, which gave a good message to the people of both the countries.

On this occasion, Iranian Ambassador said that Iran shares close and cordial ties with Pakistan. The Iranian ambassador said that CPEC is a good project, and this project will fulfill Pakistan's energy needs. He offered Iran's cooperation in the field of energy. Iranian Ambassador laid stress on expanding cooperation in the field of media.

The Iranian ambassador said that Iran is one of the best countries in the world in organ transplantation. He said that Pakistan and Iran can strengthen ties through medical and other tourism. He reiterated his determination to take trade, tourism and cultural relations between Pakistan and Iran to new heights.

Meanwhile, Punjab Governor attended the inauguration ceremony of the second phase of Akhuwat Centre for Information Technology and Vocational Education Program at Governor House Lahore as special guest.

Addressing the ceremony, the governor said that he was happy to know that the organization was providing free IT training to thousands of students under social responsibility. Governor Punjab welcomed all the students to Governor House.

Governor Punjab further said that there are shortcomings in every society, but if you focus only on the shortcomings, then you cannot move forward. Governor Punjab said that the example of Amjad Saqib's Akhuwat Foundation is in front of everyone. They are spending billions of rupees on this society and giving micro finance loans to the poor people without any collateral. He said that it is very impressive that 90.99 percent of people repay this loan. This is a manifestation of a sense of responsibility among people in our society.

Governor Punjab said that an educated person does not believe what he hears. Rather, he checks the validity of any news or statement with the help of research. He urged the students to inculcate the habit of research in themselves.

He said that information technology is shaping the future of the world, and youth should be equipped with digital skills in order to cope with the requirements of the modern era.

Speaking on this occasion, Amjad Saqib thanked the governor for opening the doors of the Governor's House for the students. He said that free IT training will be given to over 10,000 less privileged students. Furthermore, a web portal is also being launched, which will make it possible for the students who have received training to get jobs in various institutions, he added. On this occasion, IT training test was also held for the students.