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The way to improve traffic

By Ibne Ahmad
September 22, 2023

Rawalpindi is the worst place to drive. People have no respect for other riders and for the cops. Bikers believe that they are in charge of the Jet Fighter plane. Four-wheelers think that they are superior and others Masha Allah.

“Regardless of age, class everyone violates the traffic norms that you can say Pindiites are most insensitive for considering their own and other lives unimportant. Parents do not know their 15-year-old boy drives without any fear on the road,” says Asad Ali. “The traffic department is working hard to bring order to disorderly Rawalpindi traffic. However, this initiative of the traffic department will not succeed until and unless we as responsible citizens cooperate with the traffic department,” says Jafar Reza.

“No matter how much you fine the offenders, no matter how many constables are at the crossroads, it will not help unless we follow the rules,” says Sair Hussain. “The life on the street is not safe. One can find people talking on the phone while driving, driving on the wrong side and without helmets,” says Jawad Haider.

“Today everyone is in a rush. It seems they do not want to believe the saying “Better late than never.” What I think is we should follow traffic rules and not break them. I think it is our responsibility to follow the traffic rules, which are for our safety,” says Sibte Hasan. “I would like to ask the citizens of the city a few questions. How many of us follow the rule of wearing a helmet or a seatbelt while driving a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler? How many of us do not use a mobile phone while driving,” says Arbaat Haider.

“By talking on the mobile phone while driving, we are not only putting ourselves in danger but other drivers as well. How many of us follow the rule of using the indicator while turning either left or right,” says “How many of us are willing to wait for the traffic on one side to stop and then drive? Why is it that when a traffic constable stops us for wrongdoing we start arguing with him? Why are we not being considerate towards him? The poor person is just doing his duty,” says Faizan Askari.

“They do their duty no matter what the season is. It takes guts to stand in the middle of a crossroad with vehicles coming at you from all directions. Why do we drive through a red light even when a constable is present at the junction? Why complain then when we ourselves are responsible for the unruly traffic,” says Karim Husnain. Zayn Abbas says, “The traffic is not going to improve until and unless we, as responsible citizens, start following the rules. Please follow the traffic rules and help in improving the traffic.”