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Four arrested in watchman murder case

By Our Correspondent
September 22, 2023

The District East police staff on Thursday successfully resolved the murder case of a watchman who was tragically killed in Soldier Bazaar and arrested four suspects in connection to the crime.

Chief District East Police SSP Irfan Ali Bahadur stated that the police arrested four individuals involved in the murder of a watchman from the Soldier Bazar police station after a confrontational encounter. The suspects were alleged to have taken part in the murder of Shakirullah, the watchman, reportedly due to his failure to meet extortion demands from a local builder.

Furthermore, SSP Bahadur revealed that these suspects had a history of involvement in various criminal activities, including street crimes and extortion, within the precincts of different police stations in district East. They were affiliated with the notorious gang war group known as Jamil Chhanga.

He disclosed that the suspects were apprehended by patrolling officers near the service road adjacent to the Lyari Expressway. Upon being signaled to stop, the suspects responded with gunfire aimed at the police party. Despite the resistance, the police successfully apprehended four suspects, two of whom sustained injuries during the exchange of fire.

During the arrests, law enforcement confiscated a 30-bore pistol, along with 19 rounds of ammunition, from the suspects' possession. The injured suspects were identified as Yasin Ibrahim and Samayil Shiraz, while the other two are known as Bilal and Maula Bakhsh.

He elaborated that the suspects were apprehended while police were investigating cases related to the gang, an organisation based in Iran that conducts its operations from abroad. The gang members demand extortion money in the name of Jamil Chhanga from builders and businesspeople in Karachi. The suspects admitted to their involvement in the murder of the watchman at Garden West's Hira Tower on September 15, 2023, due to extortion non-compliance.

Street criminals, drug peddlers held

In a separate operation, the Sachal police successfully arrested a street criminal during routine patrolling. The patrolling officers apprehended the suspect, Muhammad Qasim, who was allegedly roaming the streets with criminal intent.

Additionally, Sachal police conducted another operation leading to the arrest of two drug peddlers. The arrested suspects, Sher Alam and Kamran, were also implicated in motorcycle theft cases. Authorities seized 500 grams of hashish, and a stolen motorcycle from the Nazimabad police station was recovered during the arrests. The investigations into these cases are currently ongoing.