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Education minister takes strict notice of irregularities in FDE schools

September 21, 2023

Islamabad:Minister for Federal Education and Professional Training, Madad Ali Sindhi, has taken strict notice of irregularities in the educational institutions working under the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE).

In a strong-worded letter written to FDE, Madad Ali ordered to provide an explanation for the miserable conditions of the schools that he observed during his surprise visits. He ordered FDE to take responsibility for this gross failure so that such conditions did not prevail in the future.

The minister also ordered that henceforth, all appointments, transfers, and postings of officers for administrative or academic positions (BS-19 and above) would be made in consultation with the secretary of federal education and after approval of the minister. The letter said that "it is imperative that officers with spotless reputations and related demonstrated experience are picked and recommended for such positions".

Furthermore, Madad ordered FDE to provide him with a comprehensive briefing about administrative, academic, and financial challenges in order to address such serious concerns.

In an earlier letter, the minister had ordered FDE to ensure the restoration and maintenance of classrooms, toilets, playgrounds, and lawn areas, in addition to the provision of cool and clean drinking water at all schools and colleges that fall under FDE. The minister had also ordered FDE to cater to the shortage of staff, including teachers, chowkidars (gua­rds), and malis (gardeners). Madad Ali had further ordered FDE to provide details of faculty members and principal (s) holding additional portfolios of an administrative nature with reasons.

He inquired why the said arrangement was required at FDE, along with details of administrative officers eligible to be posted against administrative positions currently being looked after by the teaching faculty.