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SAPM stresses enhancing country’s manpower export

By Asim Yasin
September 21, 2023

ISLAMABAD: Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development Jawad Sohrab Malik on Wednesday asked the members of 8th Manpower Export Coordination committee to thresh out a well-concerted roadmap for enhancing the export of country’s manpower that also defines new achievable and rationalised objectives.

“The roadmap should also envelope the timelines along with the expected concrete results for quick service delivery,” he said while chairing the 8th Manpower Export Coordination committee.

SAPM Jawad Sohrab Malik said that efficient execution of any policy is crucial for prompt delivery of public service. “However, a well-conceived policy, without its implementation, will only gather dust in the files or record rooms,” he added.

“It is our foremost priority to expand the reach of our manpower around the world by facilitating them with the skill and capacity to meet the demands of the host country,” he said. He further said there were wide untapped opportunities available for our nursing staff and the youth abroad, adding that however, due to constraints posed by the lack of technical and language skills, “we could not capitalise our human resource to avail the opportunities abroad”. The SAPM directed the committee to eliminate all the bottlenecks faced by the prospective workforce, adding that all the concerned line ministries should be conveyed the seriousness of government on the subject. “There will be zero tolerance for any kind of negligence and non-compliance on their part.” He said that the Ministry of Education and NAVTEC should also take steps for enhancing the language skills of our manpower, particularly in the internationally recognised languages. He said that Pakistan has a huge youth bulge that has a tremendous potential to excel in any field. “We need to leverage our youth by building their capacity and skills in foreign languages and modern technologies,” he added.