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Govt safeguarding IMF’s interests, says Siraj

By Bureau report
September 20, 2023

PESHAWAR: Jamaat-e-Islami chief Sirajul Haq Tuesday said the caretaker government too was installed to safeguard the interests of the IMF and asked the rulers to stop toeing the policies of the international organization, which were aimed at sucking the blood of the masses.

He was speaking at the second day of the sit-in against hike in the prices of electricity, gas, petroleum and other items of daily use outside the Governor’s House.

The JI chief declared that he would announce the next line of action of the party against unprecedented inflation today (Wednesday), the third and final day of the protest sit-in.

Siraj said that the people were scared of the increasing lawlessness.

“The people have fear in their eyes instead of slumber. Death is cheaper and bread is expensive here. The people are anxious for peace,” he said.

He further said that price hike was the problem suffered by every individual and every family. The rulers should stop plundering the pockets of the masses at the behest of the international organisations.

He said super inflation had affected all and sundry. The problems would be solved through mere announcements as concrete steps were required to overcome the situation, he maintained.

He said the country was full of natural resources but they could not be properly utilized due to corruption, profiteering and mismanagement. He said it was the duty of the rulers to control smuggling and other corrupt practices.

He said the peaceful protest campaign against the flawed policies of the rulers and unbearable increase in the prices of daily items would not stop till achievement of its goal.

He said the corrupt elites had usurped the resources of the country. Mafias were part of the government, he said.